Feeling a way through …


The above video is the primary record of this event, and I recommend that you watch it in order to understand the thesis.  This video is also on the DVD of the permanent archive of practice.  The remainder of this page is supplementary material which will not be on the permanent archive DVD.  It shows how I publically documented the practice during the research.  Viewing this is not essential for understanding the thesis, but may provide useful background.

Sketchbook and pencilFeeling a way through … was an installation of paintings and videos as part of the second phase of my practice-led PhD.  It took place on Tuesday 17th December 2013 in Alec Clegg studio, stage@leeds, University of Leeds*.  There were two bookable showings, each lasting for an hour, at 12noon, and 2pm.  Visitors were greeted on arrival, and each visitor was given their own hand-made sketchbook and HB eraser-tipped pencil.  There were 10 participants in each group.


Click image to view a PDF of the contents of participant sketchbooks

I gave them a spoken introduction, and then took them into the space where I left them for 30 minutes to view the installation.   I then facilitated a group dialogue with three simple questions: Where is the artwork?  What did it mean to you?  Who made it?  This discussion was audio recorded.  After this discussion, participants returned their sketchbooks (click to see PDF) and I gave them a small thank you card.

The installation comprised four original paintings displayed on plinths at eye level.  Each painting was lit by a spotlight, and had a label on which was printed ‘Touch’.  Behind each painting was a video that showed aspects of the making of that painting (click to see videos).  Three of these were projected onto fabric (on which folds and creases were visible) whilst the fourth was shown on a widescreen plasma TV.   There were seats arranged in the centre of the installation to encourage dwelling (and, as it transpired, to facilitate sketchbook work).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Four videos

Initial invitation to the event

Confirmation of booking sent to participants one week before the event.

My Prompts booklet – briefing given to participants, and running order for the event

Final Layout Design for 17 Dec 13 – Diagram used to plan installation set-up

* I am indebted to the stage@leeds technicians for their skill and patience in setting up the installation


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